Monday, March 29, 2010

Horizontal Hostility

Lierre Keith got pied. In response she called the cops. To an anarchist book fair. Derrick Jensen claims her book, The Vegetarian Myth, "saved his life." Maybe that's why he's cool with her inviting the cops to the space, making everyone feel unsafe. This isn't the first time someone in the Jensen crew has called the police over a prank, however. Check out this post from Jensen's buddy Urban Scout--

He called the cops because someone mailed him a rock. He, Keith, Jensen, and their buddies have called the pies, the rock, and other pranks, criticisms, and so on, "horizontal hostility," a totally meaningless term that tries to shift any blame or responsibility off of themselves. Lierre Keith has been milking this event to hype her book sales, going to any media outlet she can find to whine about getting hit with a few pies. She has called the attack misogynistic, among other things, trying to assert some kind of victim status. She was the "victim" of a prank meant to publicly embarrass her, nothing more.

Derrick Jensen continues to support both of these people-- further proof that he is, indeed, a buttface.

Friday, March 26, 2010

These dudes are totally connecting with their nonhuman neighbors!

This blog will be updated infrequently. Here's a blast from the past to start things off-- Derrick Jensen's interview with High Times!

Actual quote from the article: "If people need cannabis assistance to open up, to be able to hear, that's an important thing. If plants help you to listen to your nonhuman neighbors, that's fine, and that makes a lot of sense to me."

Deadheads against civilization? This is the kind of garbage Jensen comes up with when he's not jacking his ideas from greater writers like Paul Shepard.